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As President of RSG Contracting Corporation, Stephen Guerette’s knowledge of the demolition industry date back to 1982. With well over thirty-three years of experience in the demolition business Stephen has worked on a wide range of demolition projects including residential, institutional and industrial, retail and commercial, low rise and high rise buildings and construction of all types. Stephen has distinguished himself as an expert in the field of demolition and is often called upon by other professionals for advice or assistance with complex demolition issues and projects. Stephen is always available for consult regarding difficult and challenging demolition projects.

A few examples of projects where Stephen Guerette was called to assist:

World Trade Center, Building #5 (for Manafort Bros.), New York, NY: Demolition of 11-story fire damaged/partially collapsed building.


Stephen Guerette was called in by Manafort Bros./Tully Construction to offer his expertise at ground zero for a portion of the demolition and recovery of the World Trade Center building #5 in November and December of 2001 as a Demolition Specialist of heavy steel construction in urban areas where crane and wrecking ball were employed.

Power plant smoke stacks, Ft. Meyers and Sanford FL. (for Controlled Demolition): Demolition of concrete smoke stacks in an operating power plant located in Ft. Meyers and Sanford FL.


Stephen Guerette was called to Florida by CDI (Controlled Demolition Inc.) when they required the skills and knowledge as a professional crane operator to demolish two 180' smoke stacks in a live, operating power plant where crane and wrecking ball methods were used.




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