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General Electric (GE) Company, Gear Plant,

Lynn Massachusetts: 

Complete demolition of a 500,000 (foot print) heavy steel structure. The building was the site of the former GE Marine and Industrial Products Department that supplied marine products (submarine and aircraft carrier transmissions) to the US Navy and over the year’s turbines and generators for marine and industrial applications.


Project involved demolition of the entire facility encompassing many smaller buildings in addition to the Gear Plant. The Gear Plant had asbestos containing roofing material that had to be separated from the waste stream operation during the demolition. The project also involved:

·       Recycling over 12,000 gross tons of heavy steel.

·      Recycling of approximately 20,000 tons of concrete from slab on grade foundation, machine pads and walls.

·      The concrete was crushed to 3 inch minus dense grade product and used for achieving final grade after demolition.

The project had a strict completion deadline of 5 months which was achieved.


Boston Herald BuildingBoston, Massachusetts:

An approximately 300,000 square foot heavily reinforced concrete structure. The project involved the complete demolition of the press hall, paper storage area and removal of the top two floors of the main office building. The project required intense saw cutting of and selective removal of concrete slabs and walls of heavily reinforced concrete up to thirty six (36) inches thick.


Genoa Packing Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts: 

This project involved the complete demolition of a former food processing plant with frontage located on busy Route 28 (Monsignor O’Brien Highway) in Cambridge, MA, a six lane divided highway with heavy traffic from 5 am to 11pm. The building was a three-story reinforced concrete and steel structure abutting another operating food processing plant. Given the safety pre-planning the project was completed with minimal disruption to traffic and no disruption to the abutting operating food-processing plant.


Ruddermans Block, Malden, Massachusetts: 

The project required the demolition of a two and three story brick and wood buildings that housed a former furniture store and warehouse. Prior to becoming a furniture store the building was a former United States Postal service post office and distribution center.


This block/project abutted Malden High School and the heavily travelled Route 60. Therefore, the project had work restriction hours around the high school student’s bus schedules for loading and trucking. Additionally, no demolition was allowed to be completed during school hours.


This project had an aggressive construction schedule that was required to be maintained to fulfill the target opening date for a new CVS store.

New Knit Manufacturing, Lowell, Massachusetts: 

This project involved the complete demolition of a former 160,000 square foot brick, wood and steel mill building located in a heavily populated residential neighborhood of the City of Lowell. During this project all heavy timber and steel were recycled for reuse. Additionally, all brick and other wood debris were diverted from landfills and recycled/recovered at C&D processing facilities.

Max-Pax Facility, Somerville, Massachusetts: 

Complete demolition of 160,000 square foot multi-level buildings constructed of CMU, brick, wood, steel and concrete. The buildings were located in a heavily congested residential neighborhood and abutted the live MBTA commuter rail.


Project involved complete asbestos and hazardous materials abatement, then demolition of structures to slab on grade. Separating and recycling of steel, metal, copper, wire, wood and crushing of all brick and concrete rubble into three-inch aggregate for beneficial use by the owner for future development of the site.


Preparation For New Lowes Home Improvement 

Store, Lowell, Massachusetts: 

Complete demolition of 160,000 square foot single story manufacturing building with portions of roof being ACM, including removal of foundations and footings.


Project involved the complete demolition of multi-level steel buildings and complete removal of heavily reinforced concrete slab and foundations. Separating and recycling of steel, metal, copper, aluminum, wire, wood and concrete. All materials were hauled off-site in preparation for construction of the new Lowes Home Improvement Store.


Rockbestos-Suprenant Cable, Clinton, Massachusetts: 

Complete demolition of 350,000 square foot multi level steel and heavily reinforced concrete structures.


Project included demolition of structures, separating and recycling of steel, metal, copper, wire, wood debris and stock piling of brick and concrete on-site for future crushing and use by owner.


Carr Leather Factory, Lynn, Massachusetts: 

Demolition of 60,000 square foot wooden structures for Old Neighborhood Foods in the City of Lynn.


Project included demolition of the old tannery structures within the confines of Boston Street, a busy thoroughfare and bus route. Additionally, the food plant located within feet of the factory remained in full operation.


This project presented a unique environmental challenge as care needed to be taken not to disturb or disrupt a running waterway, known as Strawberry Brook, located underneath the Carr Leather factory being demolished.



Summary of Demolition Projects


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